Best Radar Detector 2017

What is the Best Radar Detector?

The Best Radar Detector 2017

A great number of radar detectors with varying features, are available in the market.  The considerations I take when identifying the best radar detector may be different from yours. But in this review, I will assist you in determining the best radar detector you can count on in 2017. I have presented below three of the top choices of radar detectors where I examine all aspects, including band detection and smartphone compatibility.

Selecting the Best Radar Detector 2017 – Points to Consider

In order to determine the best radar detector, I have taken into account the following benchmarks:

  • The presence of dual radar antennas (front/rear) adds to the positive features of a radar detector.
  • Exhibiting an excellent laser range or radar is a plus.
  • It has the capability of false alert filtering and utilizing digital signal processors and AutoLearn.
  • The best radar detector must have a GPS based radar detector.
  • The presence of automatic sensitivity eruptions is an important feature.
  • It utilizes the Radar Detector to discover the employment of illegal detectors.
  • Having laser jammers is definitely a bonus feature of the best radar detector 2017.

Benefits of Purchasing a New Radar Detector

In order to experience the benefits of modern technology, it is imperative that a new radar detector be purchased. We all know that earlier models of police radar detectors exhibited an increase in the incidence of false alarms. This affects the thinking of the drivers, making them take for granted even the legitimate dangers. In this regard, the most recent models of radar detectors are a perfect combination of the best features there are today.

Undoubtedly, the most significant rationale for purchasing a new radar detector is to guarantee that you don’t acquire high insurance rates because of being given a speeding ticket. Hence, consider buying the best radar detector as an investment that will save you from being faced with high insurance premiums.

The Best of the Best

I have compared three of the best radar detectorsthe Cobra Electronics RAD450, Escort RedLine , and Escort Max 360 Radar Detector (Black)in order to distinctively identify which one deserves to be on the top spot. I can say that the Cobra RAD 450 functions fairly Ill and can determine a lot of the different radar bands exercised by law enforcement. The operation of this radar detector is not only limited to alerting you when there is the existence of radar and laser. Due to the presence of its GPS, it will caution you of speed cameras and red lights. The SmartMute feature also allows you to sense your engine’s RPMs so that alerts will be muted at slower speeds.

Now, here comes another good radar detector, the Escort RedLine. I can consider it a high performer when it comes to detection performance. This radar detector exhibits a top-of-the-line listening range on the highway environment due to its dual antenna. False alerts secondary to garage doors openers, motion detectors, and different unthreatening technology that utilizes radar, are all blocked by its digital signal processor. However, some of the important features are missing, including the GPS. Nevertheless, because of the high satisfaction rate expressed by majority of its users, the Escort RedLine can be lined up with the best.

And now, I have to make way for the best of the best. I especially like the Escort Max 360, which will surely make headlines when known to the public. It is mostly similar with the Escort Passport Max 2, but with additional directional alerts that will help you detect where the radar is rooted from. But that is not all. I have also discovered that it’s one of the limited devices available today that has an over-speed alert. During the review, its integration with Escort Live app was a success because of the availability of the Defenders Database and Bluetooth. The Escort Max 360 is your best choice for an investment. Especially since Escort guarantees THE BEST results from a radar, and they’re so certain that they will pay a FULL traffic ticket if you receive one while it’s in use! If you’re getting a radar detector, and you’re a speed demon, then check out the GoPro section, because you may want to record all the action!